NEWS | April 22, 2021

70th Anniversary Factoid: What's with the Name?

MSG Half-Mast here...

We’re often asked why PS Magazine is called PS Magazine. Good question.

To help commemorate our 70th anniversary (which officially starts this June), we thought we’d take a moment to review this part of our origin story.

PS was created in 1951 as an addendum to TMs. Back then, there were no emails or text messages, just hand-written or typewriter-written letters. Official correspondence was often dictated. If the person writing or dictating the letter forgot something in the main part of the letter, they’d add a p.s. or postscript at the end.

You read them every day (or should) and know TMs contain a rich set of technical data and information. It’s just a fact that given so much information, they often have omissions, errors, confusing instructions, mislabeled diagrams, etc. that need correction. Sometimes, even today, it can take several years between official TM updates. PS fills the gap and ensures Warfighters have the correct information they need to properly maintain their vehicles and equipment and ensure they’re combat ready.

It’s also true that Warfighters often come up with novel ways to solve issues that the TM never envisioned. PS covers these ideas if they’re approved by the technical experts at the appropriate lifecycle management command or program office.

Help PS Magazine commemorate its 70th anniversary by becoming a frequent reader. Sometimes it’s the small postscript that has the most important message.
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