NEWS | March 29, 2021

TM Not Needed for Every Mask

This article initially appeared in PS 760 (Mar 16), p. 46.

Dear Editor,

 According to AR 25-30, Army Publishing Program, units are supposed to have one operator’s TM for each piece of equipment. But because the M50/M51 protective mask’s
TM 3-4240-542-13&P is around 350 pages, that’s not practical. So the Army has issued a waiver for the M50/M51.

Units need only two copies of the TM. The TM is available on the AESIP/LIW’s ETM site:
But they do need a set of operator cards, NSN 7690-01-529-1398, for each mask. 

Please spread the word about this.

David Whitmire
Technical Instructor
Editor's Note: Consider it done, David! Units can **view and download a copy of the waiver at PS Magazine's MilSuite site (CAC-enabled):

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