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NEWS | March 24, 2021

M967A2/M969A3 Fuel Tankers: Suspension Bumper Assembly Update

Fuel Tankers
Photo by Sgt. Jack Eden
The suspension bumper assembly for M967A2, M967A2P1, M969A3 and M969A3P1 fuel tankers isn’t in:
  • TM 9-2330-329-23P (Dec 15) for the M967A2 variants; 
  • TM 9-2330-330-23P (Dec 15) for the M969A3 variants.
Just to clarify, the suspension bumper assembly is on your fuel tankers; it’s just missing from the TMs.

Once the TMs are updated, the assembly should be shown with the axle springs and mounting hardware.
Axle springs and mounting hardware for missing assembly shown in red
Axle springs and mounting hardware for missing assembly shown in red
Where’s the assembly located on the trailer? Look for the suspension bumper assembly on the frame of the trailer, right above the end of each axle, as shown below (bumpers are not directly visible in the photo):
Look in this area of each axle
Look in this area of each axle for the bumper assembly
Here’s an enhanced visual breakdown of the missing bumper assembly, with the NSNs and PNs.
NSNs for the bumper assembly
NSNs for the bumper assembly
If you need to order any parts of this assembly, the following table of suspension bumper assembly parts will help you.
Nomenclature NSN (if available) PN
Nut, self-locking 5310-01-617-8623 9562-0252
Bracket, mounting No NSN M311-2784
Bumper rebound, suspension 5340-01-543-7383 9745-0050
Washer, flat 5310-01-540-9836 9965-0044
Screw, cap, hexagon head 5305-01-542-5117 9738-0013M
Spacer, sleeve
(Comes with suspension bumper)
No NSN 92320A735
Keep this info handy until the TMs are updated.
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