NEWS | March 24, 2021

HMMWV: Facts on Fording

Dear Half Mast,

I’m looking for the maximum allowable flow rate of a water crossing for HMMWVs.

Can you help?

Dear Captain A.D.,

Certainly. But first, I need to clarify the wording of your query.

Flow rate is not something an operator in the field can readily determine. If you’re asking about fording depth, however, up-armored HMMWVs can ford 30 inches of water without a fording kit attached and 60 inches of water with a fording kit attached. More information on shallow and deep fording is in TM-9-2320-387-10 (Sep 12). You can order a fording kit with NSN 2590-01-595-9075, part number 57K4881.