NEWS | Oct. 15, 2021

PS MAG 70th Anniversary: Tell Us Your PS Magazine Story

PS Magazine
Photo by Timothy Hoyle

Dear PS Magazine Readers,

This past June, PS Magazine began celebrating 70 years of bringing maintenance, logistics and readiness information to Warfighters—and the civilians who support them—as well as to non-military fans the world over.

Seven decades – that’s quite a milestone! And we want to ensure we commemorate them right.

YOU are the reason we exist, so it’s only fitting that you’re involved in the year-long anniversary. We’re inviting you to submit your “PS Magazine story” to appear on our 70th Anniversary Blog and, in select instances, on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Your PS Magazine story can center on any of the following examples, but you’re certainly not limited to these:

  • The first time you encountered or read PS Magazine.
  • Your favorite issue or article.
  • Your favorite PS character.
  • The time PS Magazine proved most helpful to you.
  • An idea you submitted to the magazine and then saw it get published.

We’re also accepting pictures to accompany your story, such as a pic of you holding your favorite issue or using your smart device to read an online article. Just make sure your pic or pics are OPSEC-compliant.

For those who are adept at shooting videos, we’re accepting short (one minute or less) videos of you telling your PS Magazine story.

Make sure they’re in focus and not jittery, not overly dark or too bright, that the sound is clear and that there are no security violations. If you have any doubt about them being OPSEC-compliant or not, confer with your unit public affairs representative or command public affairs office.

If you have a PS Magazine story to tell, simply click on the link below. The subject line has already been completed for you. All you have to do is write up your story and place it in the body of the email or attach it as a Word document. If you’re outside the DoD network, your best bet is to place it in the body of the email; that way your attachment won’t get stripped out. If your accompanying photo is lost in transmission, we’ll contact you with an alternative way to send it.

So get your stories, pictures or videos to us as soon as they’re ready.

We can’t wait to read and share them.

Read the 70th Anniversary Blog by clicking on the link in the menu or HERE

MSG Half-Mast and the PS Magazine Staff