NEWS | March 11, 2021

120M Road Grade: No Joy in Busted Joysticks

This article initially appeared in PS 798 (May 19), p. 26.

Operators, climbing in and out of the 120M road grader’s cab should be second nature at the work site. Just make sure you use the handholds mounted on both sides of the cab for climbing in and out. Don’t use the joysticks as a hand-hold. The same holds true while shifting around the operator’s seat. That only takes the joy out of the joystick!
Don’t grab joysticks when climbing inside cab
Don’t grab joysticks when climbing inside cab

Because they’re designed to take only very limited pressure from your hand, the joysticks can’t handle your weight. And a busted joystick puts your grader out of action until a new one is installed. With the joystick’s hefty $2,600 replacement price, you won’t be very popular with your unit commander, either!