NEWS | March 11, 2021

5K LCRTF: Use the Right Lube

This article initially appeared in PS 766 (Sep 16), p. 18. 

Operators, don’t use GAA to lube the fork pin on the 5K light capacity rough-terrain forklift (LCRTF). Grease attracts dirt, grit and sand like a magnet. That combo acts like sandpaper, scoring the bushings inside the fork tines as they slide over the pin. Eventually, the bushings wear out and break apart.
Use dry film lubricant to lube fork pin
Use dry film lubricant to lube fork pin
To keep those bushings in working order, clean off any old GAA with dry-cleaning solvent and re-lube using dry-film lubricant, NSN 9150-01-260-2534. You’ll find the word in Section H of Card 19 in LO 10-3930-680-13 (Dec 13). And if a bushing is already damaged, have your mechanic replace it with NSN 3120-01-618-8082.