NEWS | Feb. 16, 2021

AGSE: The Maintainer’s Kit Bag

When it comes to maintaining aircraft readiness, your aviation ground support equipment (AGSE) and tools should never take a back seat.

It’s a full-time job to maintain AGSE and tool rooms so that scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on aircraft can be done. Proper management and maintenance of AGSE and tools are key to making sure you have the equipment you need to complete an aircraft maintenance task. Always have a well-developed SOP for AGSE that covers training, testing and licensing for each piece of equipment.

Take a look at the attached article from the November 2020 issue of Flight Fax. It addresses how maintainers should keep their AGSE equipment and tool rooms ready and what every AGSE manager should have in their “maintainer’s kit bag.”

Flightfax article about AGSE
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