NEWS | Jan. 22, 2021

8816M BMPM: Pave the Way to Pure Air

This article initially appeared in PS 763 (Jun 16), p. 9. 

Fresh, clean air keeps your 8816M bituminous material paving machine (BMPM) running smoothly at the worksite. So when it’s cleaning time, don’t forget the paving machine’s air filters.

You’ll need to open the BMPM’s air filter element canister and pull out the primary filter at least once a week and the secondary filter every 250 hours of operation. Use an air hose to blow low pressure air (30 psi or less) from the inside out to get rid of accumulated dirt that can choke the vehicle.
Air filter element canister
Air filter element canister

Never bang the filters on a rock or hard surface. That only damages them, allowing dirt to get through to the engine.

The primary air filter, NSN 4330-01-602-2325, should be replaced annually or every 500 hours of operation, whichever comes first. The secondary air filter, NSN 2940-12-382-3131, should be replaced after 500 hours of operation. In either case, the filters may need to be replaced more often if environmental conditions or troubleshooting dictate.