NEWS | Jan. 4, 2021

Black Hawk: Turn In Unserviceable Gearbox and Control Indicator

Soldiers working on rotor head

Photo by Charles Rosemond

Mechanics, maintenance and overhaul programs rely on you to return unserviceable parts for repair.

If you have any unserviceable Black Hawk parts available, turn them in as soon as possible. If parts aren’t turned in, on-hand inventory is reduced, resulting in critical shortages in the supply system. Not turning in parts also means longer wait times for other units to receive the repair parts they need. Then readiness takes a hit.

Here’s a short list of unserviceable components that are needed for a maintenance overhaul program:
Component NSN Part Number
Gearbox assembly 1615-01-492-1441 70357-06300-044
Control-indicator 5895-01-390-0280 11352-270550-02126-110

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