NEWS | Dec. 30, 2020

MKII Bridge Boat: A Plug for the Drain Plug

This article initially appeared in PS 794 (Jan 19), p. 19. 
Rain can play havoc with the batteries on your MKII bridge boat. The batteries sit in the hull, so if enough rain collects there, the batteries short out!
Whether your boat is in the water or dry-docked, keep excess water out of the boat’s hull!
Getting rid of that excess water is easy when dry-docked. Just open the boat’s bilge drain plug. Leave it open if the boat won’t be in the water for a while. You’ll find the plug located between the left and right scoops on the back of the boat.
Remove drain plug when boat is out of water
Remove drain plug when boat is out of water

By the way, you’ll find this same info on Pages 2-40 and -41 as Before and After PMCS Check #36 in TM 5-1940-277-10 (Sep 93, w/Ch 3, Aug 06).