NEWS | Dec. 23, 2020

Avenger Missile System: W103 ECU/PPU Cable Tight?

If you want to keep your Avenger right, you’ve got to make sure the W103 cable for the environmental control unit/primary power unit (ECU/PPU) is tight. The W103 has a shielded ground. If the cable is loose, it arcs and starts a fire. The gunner could be cooked in the turret!
During BEFORE Operations PMCS, check all the cables between the ECU and PPU for looseness, but pay special attention to the W103.
Firmly grasp the W103’s connector and try to turn it clockwise. If you can move it at all, your repairman needs to tighten it to 95-105 in-lbs. Even if you can’t budge the W103 but suspect it might have problems, get your repairman to check it. Don’t take chances!
Repairers, remember that you’re supposed to check the W103’s torque every 250 hours of operation or monthly, whichever comes first. You can find this spelled out in Table 1 of WP 0033 and Table 1 of WP 0817 in TM 9-1430-1433-24&P (Jun 20).
The W103 torqueing procedure is in WP 0272 and WP 1074 of TM 9-1430-1433-24&P (Jun 20). To properly torque the W103 connector on the bottom of the ECU, you must first remove the antenna bracket and the W101 and W102 cables.