NEWS | Dec. 22, 2020

Special Interview: CIMT Team Explains H2F

Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F):
A New Approach to Building a More Mission-Capable Soldier
For nearly 70 years, PS Magazine has provided Soldiers specific information about maintaining their vehicles and equipment to the highest readiness standards possible. Put another way, PS provides Soldiers the information they need to keep their vehicles and equipment from becoming non-mission capable. The Army’s new Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) initiative establishes a readiness system for the Army’s most important weapons system—individual Soldiers—designed to keep them fully mission-capable during the most grueling of challenges.

In order to meet the array of threats facing the US military today and tomorrow, the Army relies on Soldiers who not only perform their jobs competently and professionally, but also are in peak mental and physical condition. Optimizing Soldier performance requires a balanced approach to physical, nutritional, mental, spiritual, and sleep readiness.

H2F elevates Soldiers’ personal readiness using a carefully designed plan that covers universal fundamentals but is also individually-tailored. The goal is to provide Soldier the ability to reach their fullest potential as early as possible in their career and, then, maintain it throughout their professional journey. 
Recently, MSG Half-Mast had an MS Teams session with four H2F subject-matter experts from the US Army Center for Initial Military Training (CIMT) to discuss the H2F System. These SMEs included:
LTC Shannon Merkle - H2F Nonphysical Domains Lead and an Army occupational therapist.
LTC Jose Durbin - H2F Physical Domain Lead and an Army physical therapist.
MAJ Jordan DeMay - Nutritional Readiness Lead and an Army registered dietitian.
Mr. Karl Linderman - H2F plans & operations analyst and prior FM 7-22 doctrine writer.
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