NEWS | Dec. 18, 2020

Blackhawk: Don’t Stockpile Unserviceable Components

Mechanics, the equipment listed in the table below has a low unserviceable return rate. So if you have any of these items hanging around in your shops, turn them in now!

Mel Argueta is the item manager for the parts below.  You can reach her at:
Rotary wing blade
1615-01-113-8188 70101-31000-043
Computer, air data
6610-01-558-4786 70600-01821-101
Bifilar weight assembly
1615-01-127-2166 70107-08404-044
As you turn in unserviceable components for repair, always make sure you include the proper paperwork. Sometimes units turn in unserviceable main rotor hubs, NSN 1615-01-450-4834, to DLA without the correct documentation (DA Form 2410s and condition code tags) included. Never turn in equipment without the proper paperwork.
Got any unserviceable main rotor hubs in the back shops? Turn them in.
Main rotor hub
NSN PN Item manager
70103-08112-047 Ari Flowers,