NEWS | Dec. 2, 2020

Non-Lethal Capability Set: Things to Remember

This article initially appeared in PS 761, pp. 46-47 (Apr 16).

Dear Editor,

The non-lethal capability set (NLCS) is designed for crowd control. It consists of the dismounted operations module, NSN 1367-01-561-5279; the detainee/crowd control operations module, NSN 1367-01-561-5276; the convoy module, NSN 1367-01-561-5277; and the checkpoint module, NSN 1367-01-561-5278. As an instructor for the set, I’ve picked up these PM nuggets that can help other units: 
  • Establish accountability. The set costs $1.3 million, so you don’t want its components disappearing. Limit the number of people who have access to the set and make sure each item is properly signed out. 
  • Run the set’s two generators at least monthly. If the generators sit for long periods, their seals and fuel go bad. The generators come with a TM that will guide you in PMCS. It’s a good idea to store the generators in the motor pool where it’s easier to service them. 
  • Store tasers and their cartridges in the arms room. Temperature extremes affect both the tasers and cartridges. If they’re left for long periods in the cape set containers, they can end up warped or frozen. 
Taser gunPepper spray
Store tasers and pepper spray in arms room
  • Keep OC (pepper spray) cans in the arms room, too. If they get too hot or cold, their O-rings leak. 
  • Exercise the batons. They also have O-rings. If they sit unused for months, the O-rings dry up and the batons can’t be adjusted. 
Exercise batons so O-rings don't go bad
  • Lay out the vehicle arresting devices (traffic spikes) monthly. If they’re stored for months without being unrolled, they can end up sticking together.
  • Make PMCS for the set part of every Monday maintenance day. The set is made up of 10 conexes full of equipment. That’s too much equipment for just one day a month’s worth of attention. PMCS part of the set each Monday. That makes it manageable. 
  • Train with the training devices. That’s why they’re training devices. If you train with the real items, such as the spike strips, eventually they’ll be damaged. 
For help with the non-lethal capability set, go to the manufacturer’s website or call (800) 997-3773:
SFC Steven Ketchem
Interservice Nonlethal Individual Weapons
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Editor's note: Great tips, Sergeant. Thanks for the help.

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