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NEWS | Nov. 18, 2020

M41A7 TOW ITAS: Make Sure You're Doing Monthly and Annual PM

M41A7 TOW ITAS fires missile
Photo by Sgt. James Avery

Dear Half-Mast,
It looks like most units haven’t been completing all the PMCS on the M41A7 TOW improved target acquisition system (ITAS), NSN 5865-01-606-3354, PN 13480670-7.
Here’s what they need to know.
1. There is a monthly PMCS requirement. TM 9-1425-923-10 (EM 0064, Sep 10) provides instructions. Maintainers need to pay special attention to the lithium ion battery box (LBB), NSN 6130-01-556-1201. If the LBB isn’t charged and fails to take a charge, it can be a very costly oversight to the tune of $29,042.
2. There’s an annual PMCS requirement on the ITAS. TM 9-5865-923-23&P (EM 0374, Nov 18) gives instructions.   
Units have to open a work order in GCSS-Army for the annual service. Maintainers will close the work order once the service is done. This will track their ITAS’s annual PMCS.
Pablo Merel
AMC Missile LAR
Editor’s noteThanks for the reminder, Pablo. Soldiers, take care of your ITAS so it can take care of you.
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