NEWS | Nov. 17, 2020

MK III VMMD HUSKY: Forage for Storage Info!

This article initially appeared in PS 776 (Jul 17), p. 21.
Operators, did you know that storing your Husky for six months or longer requires specific tasks and tools? Proper storage is vital to keep the vehicle ready when it’s next needed.
Storage instructions are found in WP 0095 (Preparation for Recovery and Tiedown Procedures) of TM 9-2355-316-10 (Apr 16).
Once you get there, you’ll notice it references TB 9-2355- 316-13 (Apr 12). Chap 3 of the TB contains WP 0014 through 0019 and provides everything you need for proper storage. That includes references to all necessary MIL-STDs, TMs, and ARs.
Stay in the know so your Husky will be mission-ready when it’s pulled from storage!

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