NEWS | Nov. 17, 2020

Special Interview: Paul Viens - WWII Vehicle Restorer

MSG Half-Mast here.

A few months ago, while visiting a colleague in College Station, TX, I had the rare opportunity to meet military vehicle restorer Paul Viens, who specializes in restoring WWII vehicles and equipment. His restoration workshop is filled wall-to-wall with trucks, wheeled- and tracked-vehicles and even a registered, working 105mm howitzer.

Mr. Paul Viens
Mr. Paul Viens, WWII Military Vehicle and Equipment Restorer
Here’s my takeaway after interviewing Mr. Viens: if a civilian can care for his collection of rare WWII vehicles and equipment with such dedication, consistency and passion, then there’s no reason why every Soldier can’t show equal passion for their assigned vehicles and equipment, especially when their lives will depend on it!

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