NEWS | Nov. 10, 2020

PS Magazine to Phase out Hot Topics and Briefs as Categories

Hot Topics   Connie's Post Scripts and Briefs

Effective December 15, 2020, PS Magazine will phase out two categories of articles on its website: Hot Topics and Briefs/Post Scripts. The articles and information in these categories will simply be aligned under other, more applicable categories.

Over the past several years, PS Magazine has undergone several changes to how it’s distributed to and consumed by readers. June 2017 saw the last printed issue of the magazine. It was replaced by a mobile app and continued to be disseminated as a monthly, 64-page, illustrated magazine until November 2019, when it evolved, yet again. As of that month, it became this website, where articles are published individually as soon as they’ve been technically vetted and approved for publication.

Assembling a monthly, illustrated magazine typically required four to five months from inception through publication, which created a challenge when it came to getting time-sensitive information to our audience. When we initially went digital via our mobile app, the opportunity arose to alert readers about “hot topics.” Now that articles can be published to this website within days rather than months, the need for a distinct Hot Topics category goes away. Instead, articles that are considered hot, time-sensitive or critical will be spotlighted using other features on the website, such as listing them as Must-Read articles.

Similarly, the need to identify articles as briefs no longer exists. In the monthly magazine, the staff relied on Briefs to fill open space in the magazine’s layout and to populate its iconic Connie’s Post Scripts on the last one or two pages of each issue.

Since launching its website, the magazine has always co-categorized Hot Topics and Briefs with the major end item or platform that applied, such as combat vehicles, aviation, CBRN, etc. As of Dec 15, stories previously categorized as Hot Topics or Briefs/Post Scripts will be categorized solely by the relevant and applicable end item or platform.

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