NEWS | Nov. 4, 2020

All Aircraft: The Importance of DA Form 2410

Maintainers working on Apace in Hangar
Photo by Charles Rosemond
Whenever you remove components, sub-components or higher assembly components from an aircraft, it’s always in your best interest to complete a DA Form 2410 and distribute it like it says in DA PAM 738-751 (Feb 14).

On Pages 5-6 of a recent issue of Flightfax (Sep 20), you learn why the DA Form 2410 is more important than you think and how filling out the form saves maintenance dollars. Click on the link below to view the PDF.
2410 Hotline: Get in touch with the 2410 hotline by phone at DSN 897-2410 or (877) 511-8139. Or email:
The hotline assists aviation Soldiers with data issues concerning components that are tracked and have life limits.
Removed a component? Fill out a 2410

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