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Have a Soldier/Warfighter who takes pride and ownership of their assigned equipment? Then nominate them for PS Magazine's "I Own This" recognition program. Click HERE to learn more.
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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Nov. 3, 2020

I Own This: October 2020 Nominees

PS Magazine’s I Own This campaign is designed to recognize Warfighters of all services who exemplify the highest standards of care for their assigned vehicles and equipment and contribute in meaningful ways to their unit's overall maintenance and supply posture. In short, they live and breathe readiness.
This month, we had five Warfighters nominated for this program. All are deserving of this recognition. One was selected at random to get the spotlight placed on them. For October 2020, that Warfighter is CPL Jamie M. Pinones.
Spotlight Profile
CPL Jamie Pinones
CPL Jamie M. Pinones
Heavy Troop, 2d Squadron, 3d Cavalry Regiment, Ft. Hood, TX

Nominated by: LT Howard O'Brien

How did you come to know/observe the nominee's actions? CPL Pinones joined our formation recently and almost immediately rose to the top as one of our most competent Corporals. She shows tremendous potential, not only in this platoon but also in the larger Army.
Why does this individual deserve recognition?  CPL Pinones takes pride in her work and does not let obstacles get in the way of taking care of her M1076. When a problem presents itself that affects mission readiness, she can be seen immediately seeking a solution that enables accomplishment of the mission and the intent behind it. She has quickly earned a reputation of dependability and tenacity, making her a solid choice for this award.

Any additional comments?  She serves as a stellar example of vehicle responsibility for others to emulate.
Also Nominated...
Soldier's Name:       SPC Joel A. Schild    
Unit:                          10 BEB, Ft. Stewart, GA     
Position/Title:          Horizontal Construction Engineer     
Component:             Army/Active       
NSN or End Item:    2410-01-565-2605
Nominated by:        1LT Alan Hanks
Justification:           SPC Schild showed outstanding initiative and commitment to preserve the unit’s mission readiness by bringing and utilizing his privately-owned tools in order to repair the platoon skid steer, allowing the skid steer to complete the mission at hand. SPC Schild took the initiative to recognize a problem and craft a solution, when he just as easily could have chosen not to. By going to get his own tools and using them to repair the vehicle himself, he allowed the unit to complete the mission in a timely manner and prevent his fellow Soldiers from having to wait for a mechanic to become available.                                  
Soldier's Name:       PFC Maurice G. Washington     
Unit:                          A CO, 10 EN BN, 1ABCT; Camp Hovey, Korea
Position/Title:          Bradley Gunner     
Component:             Army/Active     
NSN or End Item:    M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Nominated by:         Brian P. Nickel
Justification:           SPC Washington distinguished himself as a subject matter expert on the M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle hull as the senior operator in the platoon. He diligently carried out his hull PMCS and sought mechanic expertise in order to fully understand his -10 tasks. Once he became familiar with his equipment, he began to offer guidance and assistance to his fellow drivers to establish a proper maintenance culture. PFC Washington was able to speak intelligently about any faults or issues that arose with his Bradley and made sure his vehicle’s DA 5988Es reflected the status of his equipment. This individual deserves recognition for his dedication to the Bradley fighting vehicle and the ownership and pride he has for the company’s fleet readiness. He has progressed from an individual operator to a subject-matter-expert capable of advancing the unit's readiness beyond his direct chain of command. Most recently, he transitioned to gunner, where he has been instrumental in training the new operators on PMCS, as well as communicating the commander’s intent for the unit’s maintenance culture. 
Soldier's Name:       SPC Mobin A. Gurung
Unit:                          45th CBRN CO (Hazard Response), JBLM, WA
Position/Title:          91J
Component:             Army/Active     
NSN or End Item:    M26 Decon
Nominated by:         John Losey
Justification:           This individual goes the extra mile to maintain the unit’s M26 decontamination apparatus and ensures they are mission capable. He not only maintains the unit’s CBRN equipment but is also the most relied on maintainer in the unit for all types of equipment maintenance, to include wheeled vehicles. This individual is an exemplar of what a maintainer should be.
Soldier's Name:       SGT Brian L. Jackson
Unit:                          3-15IN, 2ABCT,3ID, Ft. Stewart, GA
Position/Title:          91A
Component:             Active      
NSN or End Item:    M1A1
Nominated by:         Devin J. Cash
Justification:           Over the past three years, SGT Jackson has come in every day looking for ways to improve and contribute to the operational readiness rate of our M1A1 fleet. Every time the company or battalion had a critical job, field problem, or late nights in the motor pool hanging parts, you would always find SGT Jackson right in the middle leading his Soldiers. SGT Jackson has excelled at one of the most challenging tasks that can be asked of an Army mechanic: maintaining one of the oldest Abrams fleets in the Army today. To say he has been anything less than a true asset to 3-15IN would be an understatement. Over the course of the last year, SGT Jackson has maintained his fleet across four countries in Europe, using his troubleshooting and parts knowledge to ensure the fleet was ready to safely deploy on a moment’s notice. SGT Jackson's ability to teach his Soldiers, maintain an M1A1 fleet, and Can-Do attitude makes him deserving of high recognition. Mechanics like SGT Jackson truly keep our formation moving forward. 
To learn more about nominating a Warfighter for this recognition, read the article HERE

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