NEWS | Oct. 13, 2020

LADS: Cool Facts for Winter

Unloading LADS
Photo by Spc. John Russell
As winter approaches and temperatures plunge, it’s time to take action to preserve the laundry advanced system (LADS), NSN 3510-01-463-0114.

If the LAD isn’t located in a light maintenance enclosure, thoroughly drain the LADS at the end of each day if the ambient temperature is expected to fall below 33oF. Draining prevents overnight freeze damage to the LADS plumbing.

If water freezes inside the LADS, it can rupture a subcooler or water pump. It can also burst pipes and valves. That’s an expensive and messy problem!

To properly run the drain cycle, follow the instructions in TM 10-3510-221-10 (Jul 08). WP 0016 tells you how to drain the LADS model C. WP 0017 covers the LADS model D. Since draining can’t be done manually, be sure to complete the entire work package for each model. Operation instructions in extreme cold weather conditions can be found in WP 0021.

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