NEWS | Sept. 29, 2020

Backhoe Loader: New Tires Need a Little Work

Backhoe removes a tree
Photo by Cpl. Rubin Tan

This article initially appeared in PS 746 (Jan 15), p. 21.
When it’s time to replace tires on your backhoe loader (BHL), you’ve got a little work to do! 
Unlike most equipment, the BHL does not have a tire and wheel assembly. Instead, you’ll need to order the tire and wheel separately and put them together yourself.
Get the front tire with NSN 2610-01-627-2155. Note--that’s a replacement for NSN 2610-01-533-0485, which is currently shown as Item 2 in Fig 60 of TM 5-2420-231-24P (Jun 13). 
The front wheel, shown as Item 5 in Fig 60, comes with NSN 2530-01-623-3528. Instructions for installing the front tire and wheel assembly are in WP 0203 of TM 5-2420-231-23-2 (Jul 13).
The BHL’s rear tire is shown as Item 4 in Fig 72 of the -24P and comes with NSN 2610-01-533-0486. The rear wheel is NSN 2530-01-623-3437 and is shown as Item 1 in Fig 72.
Installation procedures for the rear tire assembly are in WP 0217 of the 23-2 TM.

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