NEWS | Sept. 29, 2020

Blackhawk: MEDEVAC Has New Online Forum

MEDEVAC Helicopter on flight line being towed
Photo by Charles Rosemond
Good news! A new forum has been launched by MEDEVAC for all members of the MEDEVAC family. It’s called the MEDEVAC Improvement Forum (MEDIF).

 Everyone in the MEDEVAC community can join by going to:
PD MEDEVAC says that MEDIF is a platform on which MEDEVAC community members, including users, maintainers, technical experts, support, service providers and integrators, can collaboratively and cooperatively share information to effectively coordinate and improve MEDEVAC mission systems, support processes and resources. The idea is to create an open community where expertise and knowledge are widely shared with a focus on improving readiness.
Some advantages of the forum include:
  • Encouraging discussion on critical issues, concerns, and other items of mutual interest.
  • Improving communication, seeking assistance and support and providing updated situational awareness.
  • Fostering cross-talk to increase collaboration and engagement to improve support processes and resources.
PD MEDEVAC looks forward to launching many improvements and innovations from all the information identified and discussed in the forum. If you want to make MEDEVAC better, then MEDIF is the right place for you to start.
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