NEWS | Sept. 28, 2020

AH-64D/E: Folding Blades and Aircraft Transport

Apache Blade Folding
Apache Blade Folding in the Field (courtesy photo)
Folding Apache blades and transporting aircraft isn’t as simple as it seems. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools and support.

Aircraft transportability equipment and limited blade fold kits are managed by the Apache PM Transportability Team (APMTT) out of Ft Hood, TX.

The blade fold kit costs about $164,000 and weighs 1,000 pounds. When using the blade fold kit, you’ll need the Alion commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) manual for the red kit or the MRBFK operator’s manual for the green kit and TM 1-1520-Longbow/Apache IETM as references.

The blade fold kits have limited availability, so when your Apache unit determines it needs an aircraft moved, contact APMTT and arrange for the required transportability equipment. APMTT prepares and ships the equipment to the desired location and assists units by conducting equipment training and sharing lessons learned for movement of aircraft. After a unit completes aircraft movement, it will return all equipment to APMTT.  Then APMTT will inventory, clean and repair the equipment to make sure it’s ready for use by the next Apache unit that requires aircraft movement.

You can access the blade fold kit documents for how to use the equipment on the JTDI website at:

Sign in with your CAC. Click on My Sites and from the drop down menu click, Apache. Then select Transportability from the list. 
Return blade equipment to APMTT when aircraft movement complete
Return blade equipment to APMTT when aircraft movement complete
Need help?  APMTT assists units with all Apache transportability needs, including movement by land, sea and air. They exist solely to assist Apache units by storing and maintaining all transportability equipment.       

Want more details about training?  APMTT provides transportability team training on proper use and deployment of all Apache transport equipment, which includes two versions of the Apache blade fold kits, STRAT air configuration, sealift configuration, and ground movement of an Apache helicopter by truck.

If your unit needs training, contact APMTT’s William Siegman at:
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