NEWS | Sept. 14, 2020

Construction Equipment: Stop That Sneaky Leak

This article initially appeared in PS 774 (May 17), p. 16.


Working in rocky soil can play havoc with the tires on your construction equipment. When small rocks get stuck between the tire and wheel rim, tire pressure goes right out the window! 
So, whenever you’ve got a few minutes, get down on your hands and knees and eyeball the wheel assembly. If you see small rocks wedged between the tire and rim, sing out your mechanic.
Look for rocks wedged between tire and rim
Look for rocks wedged between tire and rim
He’ll let a little air out of the tire to release some pressure. That makes it easier to pull the rocks loose with something like a pair of pliers. Just make sure he reinflates it afterwards!
You’ll find the right tire pressure listed in the vehicle’s -10 TM.