NEWS | Sept. 8, 2020

HMEE-1: Detach Head Lamps

This article initially appeared in PS 779 (Oct 17), p. 16.

Operators, remember to detach the front bucket headlamps whenever you’re uploading the HMEE-I’s bucket and BII boxes.
If you don’t, the headlamps, NSN 6220-01-549-6135, and their electrical cables will get ripped loose from the bucket.  At $97 bucks, those headlamps aren’t cheap to replace!
And don’t make the mistake of tossing the lamps in the bucket after they’re detached.  That’s a good way to lose or damage them.
Instead, reattach the lamps to their off-road position on the cab A-posts until you’re ready to reinstall them.
Headlamp when it's attached to bucket
Headlamp when it's attached to bucket