NEWS | Sept. 8, 2020

Strykers: Stay on Top of Cannon Tube Record Keeping

Dear Editor,
Units should keep in mind that good recordkeeping is essential for making sure their M1129A1 MCV, M1251A1 MCVV and M1252 MCVV Stryker’s mortar carrier RMS6-L cannon tubes are ready for training and combat duty.
A magnetic particle inspection (MPI) for the RMS6-L cannon found in M1129A1, M1251A1 and M1252 Stryker mortar carriers is required during peacetime every four (4) years or 2,000 rounds. It’s a good idea for units to set up a service reminder in GCSS-Army so the inspection isn’t overlooked.
Each RMS6-L cannon is stamped with its issue date and serial number before being shipped to a unit. This helps guarantee maximum training time from the cannon. It’s important to record the issue date and serial number on DA Form 2408-4, Weapon Record Data.
RMS6-L cannons that are going to be used in combat can have no more than three (3) years of training time since the last MPI or issue date and should have fired less than 1,000 training rounds.
Check out TM 9-1000-202-14 (Feb 99, w/Ch 8, Feb 19), Technical Manual for Evaluation of Cannon Tubes, for more info.
James R. Garner

Editor’s note: Thanks, James. That’s great info to know!