NEWS | Aug. 7, 2020

Apache: Turn-ins Reduce Repair Parts Shortage

Soldier working on  rotor blade of Apache
Photo by Charles Rosemond

AMCOM repair programs need your help!  When Apache parts are unserviceable, it’s crucial that units turn them in for repair in a timely manner.  The supply system can only meet the demand for parts when it has parts to repair and send back out to users.

Here’s a list of needed parts:
Item NSN Item Manager
Main rotor head (expedite) 1615-01-512-0889 BJA40
Main  transmission (expedite prime NSN only) 1615-01-532-9390 BJA60
MSPU (critical) 1270-01-544-6370 BJA61
Main rotor blades (critical) 1615-01-332-0702 & all Rel-cd NSNs BJA43
Tail rotor gearbox (expedite prime NSN only) 1615-01-507-5294 BJA62
Intermediate gearbox (expedite prime NSN only) 1680-01-530-1625 BJA62
Connecting link (critical) 3040-01-154-7056 BJA67
Remote lever (expedite) 1560-01-264-2104 BJA41
Tail rotor shaft assembly (expedite) 1615-01-388-1326 BJA61
Tail rotor coupling (expedite) 1615-01-154-7077 BJA61
Shouldered shaft (expedite) 3040-01-156-5372 BJA61
Base mast support (expedite) 1615-01-155-6581 BJA41
Clutch assembly (expedite) 3010-01-364-2470 BJA60
Hydraulic accumulator (Expedite to Red River -BR4/W562RM) 1650-01-205-8155 BJA44
Connecting link (expedite) 3040-01-352-1531 BJA40
Combo pak internal auxiliary fuel system (IAFS) (expedite) 1560-01-519-4248 BJA63
Pitch link (Expedite to Red River - BR4/W562RM) 1615-01-257-5795 BJA41
Angle drive unit (expedite prime NSN only) 3010-01-519-7677 BJA62
If you have these parts and they’re unserviceable, turn them in now, including their containers. Holding on to unserviceable Apache components means others can’t get what they need when they need it, so don’t stockpile them.   

Instead, turn in all the unserviceable parts to CCAD for repair at:
Plant 7015/RIC B52
Corpus Christi Army Depot
Corpus Christi, TX 78419

If you have questions about any of the items listed in the table above, contact the item manager through the i2Log website:
For information on how to receive turn-in credit for your equipment in GCSS-Army, check out Pages 56-57 of PS 771 (Feb 17):