NEWS | July 31, 2020

Apache: Ship Servocylinders in Original Containers

Soldier is performing maintenance on an Apache aircraft
Photo by Spc. Alexander Holmes

When you receive a new servocylinder for your Apache, make sure you place the unserviceable servocylinder it’s replacing in that container and return it for repair or overhaul.

Don’t use the containers for anything else! If you ship an unserviceable servocylinder in a makeshift container, box or crate, there’s no telling what could happen to it during the shipping process. But the chances are good it’ll arrive with even more damage!

The contractor that performs the overhaul is required to ship the servocylinders back to the depot in the proper container. If there isn’t one available, a new container must be purchased and then shipment is delayed.

It’s also in your best interest to make sure those containers are used for servocylinders only. If you don’t, your unit foots the bill for a new container.       
Turning in unserviceable servocylinders with their original, reusable shipping and storage container should be a simple process, so don’t make it any harder, or more expensive, than it needs to be.

If you have any unserviceable servocylinders, ship them in their associated container and make sure you check FEDLOG or Webflis for specific packaging and container information.

Here’s a short list.
Directional servocylinder 1650-01-273-7610 289300-1031
Shipping and storage container 8145-00-529-8585 13414-124
Longitudinal servocylinder 1650-01-494-0084 308900-1033
Shipping and storage container 8145-00-529-8585 13414-124
Collective/lateral servocylinder 1650-01-494-0083 289400-1027
Shipping and storage container 8145-00-549-6647 13414-078

Use shipping container for servocylinders