NEWS | July 20, 2020

M9 ACE: Exhaust Hose Reminder

This article initially appeared in PS 724 (Mar 13), p. 14.


Do your armored combat earthmover a favor by not stepping on the exhaust hose inside the vehicle’s engine compartment. 
Sure, the hose looks like a convenient footrest while you’re working on the engine, but your weight will break the exhaust clamps.
Keep feet off exhaust hose
Keep feet off exhaust hose
A busted clamp means the exhaust gas can vent directly on the batteries, and that’s not good!  It also lets deadly exhaust into the operator’s compartment, and that’s definitely not good!
So eyeball the exhaust clamps.  See a loose clamp?  Snug up the hose and tighten the clamp.  Replace a broken clamp with NSN 5340-01-183-6863.