NEWS | July 17, 2020

Stryker: Inspect and Tighten Commander’s Hatch Hinge Bolts


The outboard side of the 1128 MGS Stryker commander’s hatch hinge has four (4) bolts that can loosen from vibrations during normal vehicle operations.

Loose bolts can fall out, shear off or be stripped from their steel inserts, all of which can damage the hatch. Worse, the hatch can fall and seriously injure someone!

Vehicle commanders should closely inspect the four (4) bolts during BEFORE PMCS. Let your mechanic know if you find any loose or missing bolts. Also, have your mechanic perform a one-time inspection right away of all commander’s hatch hinge bolts by removing each of the four (4) bolts and washers from the hinge.

Have mechanic inspect and tighten hinge bolts 


Clean the bolts with degreaser, NSN 6850-01-472-2717. Replace any damaged bolts, NSN 5305-01-612-4540. Apply sealing compound, NSN 8030-01-014-5869, to the bolt threads. And tighten bolts to 5-7 ft-lb of torque.
For more details, check out TACOM Ground Safety Action Message 20-024 at: