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NEWS | July 15, 2020

MTRCS: Slap a Patch on Oil Drain Line

This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in PS 774 (May 17), pp. 53-54.

Dear Editor,

We recently received two new multi-temperature refrigerated container systems (MTRCS). We received both the MTRCS01, NSN 8145-01-534-3597, and the MTRCS02, NSN 8145-01-592-9018, and found the same problem on each of the systems.

The engine oil drain line is connected to the diesel engine's sump on one end and an oil drain valve on the other. The problem comes where the oil drain line passes through the MTRCS frame between the sump and valve. The tolerance there is very tight, so vibration during movement, transportation and operation allows the drain line to rub against the frame.

The front part of the frame is rounded and causes no problem.But the inside of the frame is another story. That edge is sharp and jagged and the drain lines on both of the new MTRCSs showed signs of wear. If this hose is cut, all the contents of the oil sump will drain and the engine could burn out.
Oil drain line rubs against edge of frame
Oil drain line rubs against edge of frame...
Oil drain line rubs against edge of frame and creates damage that could cause leaks
...and creates damage that could cause leaks

As a temporary fix, we wrapped the drain line with a piece of reinforced radiator hose and held it in place with wire ties, NSN 5975-00-984-6582.
Wrap drain line with radiator hose for protection
Wrap drain line with radiator hose for protection

Then we periodically check the drain line to make sure the radiator hose is still in good shape.

SSG Paul Silver
SSG Stephen Santiago
Thomas Harrison
RTS-M Devens, MA
Editor's note: Sometimes the biggest problems happen in the hardest places to see. Good eyes, gentlemen!
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