NEWS | July 1, 2020

M88A2 Recovery Vehicles: Fender Mount Upgrade Kit

Mechanics, there’s a new rear fender mount upgrade kit available for your M88A2 recovery vehicle.

Currently each rear fender mounts to three hinges on the rear of the vehicle. Two of the hinges are welded to a small tab on the hull.

Fender mount upgrade kit will replace hinges 

The tabs tend to get damaged and after being repaired several times, the tabs degrade. Eventually there’s nothing left to weld the hinges to and that means no fenders!

Rear fenders are important because the engine can overheat if the grilles and strike doors are blocked. The fenders keep mud from plugging up the grille doors.

Order the fender mount upgrade kit with NSN 2510-01-685-8849. The kit allows you to keep the same fenders already installed on your vehicle, but without the hinges. The kit comes with the conversion instructions and the new ETMs will support the upgrade.

Once the upgrade kit is installed, you’ll be able to easily remove and install the fenders by using a hitch pin and bolt.

Also, you can remove the bolt, allowing the fenders to swing open enough to make inspections easier. If the tow bar isn’t mounted, the fenders will swing all the way open.