NEWS | July 1, 2020

M915A5 Truck: VORAD Sensor NSNs

Exercise Maple Resolve 18
Photo by Capt. Adrian Silva
You can no longer get the M915A5 tractor truck’s vehicle on-board radar (VORAD) sensor and bracket, NSN 5340-01-576-5334, as a single item. Instead, you’ll need to order the sensor, NSN 2590-01-651-2836, and bracket, NSN 5340-01-650-9921, separately. Make a note until Item 13 in Fig 279 of TM 9-2320-426-13&P in IETM EM 0308 (Aug 14) is updated. 
Need the M915A5 truck’s VORAD side sensor? Use NSN 6350-01-576-6616. This NSN replaces the parts information that’s shown in Item 18 of Fig 279 in TM 9-2320-426-13&P in IETM EM 0308 (Aug 14).