NEWS | June 8, 2020

M113-Series FOV: Don’t Overlook Ramp Maintenance


There are far too many seriously damaged rear ramps in M113-series vehicles. This costs units money and decreases combat readiness!
The hydraulic system that powers the ramp consists of a pump (ramp adaptor) attached to the engine, a single action cylinder, cable with pulley and fluid reservoir. Ramp armor requires an enhanced ramp hydraulic system, including a larger fluid reservoir, ramp actuator handle and a larger single action cylinder to handle the increased weight.
All of those components can fail if operators don’t do proper maintenance. And if the ramp adapter fails, it requires sustainment-level repair. That’s why it’s important to closely follow all the maintenance procedures found in TM 9-2350-277-10 (Mar 12). That’ll help keep the ramp in working order and your vehicle combat ready.