NEWS | June 8, 2020

Own a Piece of PS Magazine History

Want to own a piece (or pieces) of PS Magazine history for FREE?! (Well, almost)

All you need to do is send us a pre-addressed, stamped envelope big enough to hold two 5” x 7.25” issues of PS Magazine. You can buy an envelope for $.59 at the nearest post office. If you use a larger, heavier envelope, please ensure you account for the extra weight in the amount of postage placed on the return envelope.
U.S. Postal Service envelope
This postal service envelope is just the right size for mailing PS Magazine

Using the envelope in the picture above, the mailing cost for two magazines is $1.80. For one magazine, it’s $1.40. If you use a heavier envelope, please account for any extra cost. [These costs may change over time; we’ll update them if they change.]

Most individuals tend to request issues that are tied to significant events or milestones in their lives, such as when they entered and left the military (Month/Year).

Be advised that there are very limited early editions of the magazine pre-1960 and limited editions pre-1975. Magazines will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, you might want to provide us your top three choices for each issue you’d like. And just in case, include an email or phone number to contact you if there's any challenges fulfilling your request.

Send your self-addressed, stamped or metered envelope to:
MSG Half-Mast
c/o PS Magazine
Bldg 3648C-1 Ajax Rd.
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898
Pick issues that are tied to significant events or milestones in your life