NEWS | May 27, 2020

DCGS-A: Help Desk Details

DCGS-A is the Distributed Common Ground System-Army. It consists of more than 60 components, including laptops, work station computers, servers, processors and more. They allow the Army to collect and process intelligence data.
DCGS-A logo
These systems include the Fixed Multi-Function Workstation (F-MFWS); the Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Workstation (GWS); the Intelligence Fusion Server (IFS); the Cross-Domain Solution Suite (CDSS); the Tactical Intelligence Ground Station (TGS); the Operational Intelligence Ground Station (OGS); and the Intelligence Processing Center (IPC).

Just a few of the many components comprising DCGS-A. (Courtesy photos)

With DCGS-A containing so many systems, you’ll probably need assistance at one time or another.

Use the following info for the DCGS-A help desk:
Hours: Monday-Friday, 0800 to 1800 EST, except holidays.

NIPR phone: (520) 533-4125

NIPR email:

To request access to the online portal, email the appropriate (NIPR or SIPR) help desk above. An invitation email will be sent back that walks you through the registration process.
Help is just a mouse click away
Photo by Staff Sgt. Matthew Ramelb
Help is just a mouse click away!