NEWS | May 5, 2020

M113A3 FOV: Make Sure Bolt Is the Right One!


You might think one bolt may not make much difference. But the wrong bolt can knock a vehicle out of action in a hurry!
When you’re installing the propeller shaft and universal joints, or the final drive, on a vehicle from the M113A3 family, be mindful of the bolts you use.
Some mechanics are using a bolt, NSN 5305-01-216-7378, that’s supposed to be used for attaching the output flange to the transmission and the final drive. This bolt is about one (1) inch too long for securing the prop shafts and U joints and final drives, so it damages the output housing on the transmission and the seal of the final drive.
The right bolt is NSN 5305-00-719-5239. Itʼs the right length for securing the prop shaft and U-joints, and final drives, without doing damage.