NEWS | May 1, 2020

ULCANS: New TM’s Got You Covered

Camo netting in the field
Photo by John Pennell
TM 10-1080-256-10 (Mar 20) is the new operator’s manual for the Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net Systems (ULCANS) Increment I. Versions covered include: 
  • Woodland radar-scattering (R/S), NSN 1080-01-677-6912
  • Woodland radar-transparent (R/T), NSN 1080-01-677-6918 
  • Desert/Urban R/S, NSN 1080-01-682-4997 
  • Desert/Urban R/T, NSN 1080-01-682-5467 
  • Snow/Alpine R/S, NSN 1080-01-682-5481 
  • Snow/Alpine R/T, NSN 1080-01-682-5498
To get the TM, go to: 

Log in with your CAC and choose the “ETM/IETM” app. Then search for the TM.