NEWS | April 28, 2020

AH-64: Keep Track of Your MUMT

Photo by Charles Rosemond


Aircraft transfers happen on a regular basis. Factors like model upgrades, transfers, or movement of aircraft into theater mean you need to know the where’s and why’s of tracking transferred equipment.

Nowhere is that more important than when transferring MUMT-2 B-kits. Unfortunately, units are not completely following the transfer directives. These line replaceable units (LRUs) aren't being transferred to new aircraft, but instead getting stored in different locations.

Bad idea! They should be transferred to new aircraft.
Transfer MUMT equipment properly
Transfer MUMT equipment properly
Transfer MUMT equipment properly

Every unit must maintain accountability of the hardware it’s issued. Since there’s limited stock, lost items are expensive and hard to replace.

Even worse, some items, like the Rover 6, are National Security Agency (NSA) Type 1 Communications Security (COMSEC) items. It’s no different than losing a weapon when it comes to accountability and responsibility for reporting it.

If you’re unsure of what to keep and what to transfer, contact the POCs on the transfer directive or the Apache Sensors Office. The POCs are:

Joe Strawser,
Dainys Carrasquillo: