NEWS | May 12, 2020

One-Question Survey to Help Improve PS Magazine

Dear PS Magazine Reader:

We'd like your feedback on ways to better serve your needs.

Last year, we made a major change to our format. We evolved from a monthly, cartoon-illustrated periodical to this website. We formally launched in November 2019; now that we're six months in, we'd like your input on ways to sustain what we're doing well and fix what needs improving.

So, here's our question:
What is one thing we can do to serve your needs better when it comes to enhancing supply and maintenance readiness?
Please click on the underlined words below to submit your reply:
* Please don't change the subject line; it's our way of ensuring these responses are acted on appropriately. If you don't use Outlook, 
enter "I'd like to make PS Magazine Better" in your subject line.

If you submit a response between now and June 15th, we'll put your name in a drawing to receive 10 copies of the printed magazine, months and years of your choice.