NEWS | April 10, 2020

UH-60L Black Hawk: CECOM Needs Parts Turned In ASAP

Commanders, maintenance techs and maintainers,

If you have any excess cockpit indicators, navigation equipment, control heads or aircraft communications equipment, dust ‘em off and turn ‘em in to supply. Continued sustainment of the UH-60L airframes for the next 15-plus years depends on you. So help CECOM out because they need these items to repair and have in stock for your battle buddies still using these aircraft. 

Have a heart and turn in a part!

The list below outlines what CECOM needs.
Displace gyroscope CN-998B/ASN-43 6615-01-167-9757
Vertical situation indicator ID-2277A/A 6610-01-155-8315
Horizontal situation indicator ID-2278B/A 6605-01-316-2748
Flight directory computer CP-1446A/A 6610-01-490-5168
Rate gyroscope CN-1564/A 6615-01-110-1082
Rate gyroscope CN-1552/A 6615-01-110-1083
Rate gyroscope TRU-2A/A 6615-00-869-0825
SAS amplifier AM-7105A/A 5996-01-317-8581
Motion transducer  TR-322A/A 6695-01-316-2740
Motion transducer  TR-323A/A 6695-01-316-2741
Stabilator Control Panel 70450-01107-043 1680-01-281-3644
Inertial navigation system 765100-20 6605-01-503-5284
AHRS control unit 765200-20 6605-01-519-3560
Compass control C-8021E/ASN 5821-01-316-2739
Displacement gyroscope CN-1314/A 6615-00-453-5670
HSI/VSI mode selector C-10998C/A 5821-01-454-3550
Audio interface VT J-3766/A 5831-01-114-9554
Stabilator indicator ID-2279A/A 6610-01-326-0119
Induction compass transmitter 664543C 6605-00-531-2992
Compensator CN405ASN 6605-00-487-4773
Stab amplifier AM-7106E/A 5996-01-316-2743
Radar altimeter RT-1411D 5841-01-617-6902
Radar altimeter RT-1411A/APN-209(V) 5841-01-245-9094
Radar altimeter ID-1917C/APN-209(V) 5841-01-245-9093
Radar altimeter RT-1115D/APN-209(V) 5841-01-245-9091
Radar altimeter RT-1411/APN-209A(V) 5841-01-140-1700
Radar altimeter RT-1115J/APN-209(V) 5841-01-421-4162
Radar altimeter RT-1411B/APN-209 5841-01-421-4161
Radar altimeter RT-1411/APN-209A(V) 5841-01-140-1700
Radar data processor 805-11500-001 5841-01-536-9302
Stab digital controller AM-7651/A 5996-01-547-3452
VOR receiver R-2594/ARN-147 5826-01-444-0314
Displacement gyroscope CN-1314A/A 6615-01-194-1909
Radio set control 805D0663-05 5826-01-581-7230
Signal data converter (HUD) MB503A-00 5895-01-577-5425
Display unit HUD night flight panel MB240A-00 7025-01-589-3638
Radio set RT-1625/ARN-153(V) 5826-01-386-8807
Mounting base 902220-804 5975-01-555-9367
Inertial navigation 34209950-R004-960 6605-01-513-5946
Inertial navigation 34209950-RN14-960 6605-01-513-8888
Communications modem 1037061 5895-01-605-2328

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