NEWS | April 7, 2020

Aviation: Need to Set Up an ALSE Shop?

Every unit needs an aviation life support equipment (ALSE) shop technical library to keep the mission going. Without it, the mission can end before it starts.

All ALSE shops need equipment like helmets, vests, helmet bags, protective armor vests, tools and more. And the way to get your ALSE shop off the ground is to check out TC 3-04.72, Aviation Life Support System Management Program (Oct 09).

Chapter 2, for example, provides information on the pubs you need to take care of your ALSE equipment. The training circular also provides guidance on establishing, managing and operating an ALSE shop.

Download a copy of TC 3-04.72 from: 
You can download a copy of EM 0250 from LDAC’s ETM website:

Other pubs you’ll need for a functional ALSE shop are the Air Warrior IETM, AR 95-1, Flight Regulations; DA PAM 738-751 Forms; FM 3-04.508, Aviation Life Support System Maintenance Management and Training Programs; TC 3-04.11, Commander’s Aviation Training and Standardization Program; and TM 1-1500-204-23-1, General Aircraft Maintenance.