NEWS | March 30, 2020

ARSS: Finding a Fix for Wall Cracks

Armament Repair Shop Set (ARSS)
Photo courtesy of TACOM
The middle shelter wall in the Armament Repair Shop Set (ARSS) was sealed and painted by the manufacturer to prevent generator fumes from entering the ARSS work area. But the wall was also designed to float and move. So heat expansion can lead to seal and paint cracks when the wall moves up and down.
Cracked sealant and paint
Cracked sealant and paint

As it turns out, the seal was never needed in the first place. Tests of the prototype ARSS, which had no sealant applied, were negative for any trace of carbon monoxide.
If you see cracks in the middle wall of your shelter, the fix is simple. Just remove the sealant and repaint. The job can be done by unit level maintenance.
Remove the sealant
Remove the sealant
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