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NEWS | March 10, 2020

M1A2 SEPV2 Tank: Don’t Make a Battery Mix-Up!

Dear Half-Mast,
Can you clarify whether it’s OK to mix Hawker with Exide batteries on the M1A2 SepV2 tank? Either battery comes with NSN 6140-01-485-1472. Also, is it OK to mix new batteries with recharged ones?

Dear Sergeant,
Yes, you can mix Hawker and Exide AGM batteries. What you can’t mix are different types. For example, you shouldn’t mix AGM and flooded/wet batteries.
Here’s what the TM says: Never mix AGM batteries with 6TMF batteries. All six (6) batteries in the battery compartment must be the same type. Mixing AGM and 6TMF batteries can cause charging problems and is strictly prohibited due to safety risks. If your M1A2 SEP tank has the additional six batteries in the left rear sponson (the auxiliary battery mod), then all 12 batteries on the tank must be the same type.

Also, never put dead or low-charged batteries in with good batteries. They’ll drain the good ones. You should always place batteries of a similar charge in the same series.
Soldiers with C Company,1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, in a M1A2 Abrams tank conduct a dry rehearsal for a Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX) at the Novo Selo Training Area in Mokren, Bulgaria on Feb. 21, 2020

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