NEWS | Feb. 26, 2020

Aviation: Turning in Serviceable Parts Costs Money

H-60 Aircraft in flight


The repair facility that services the ARC-231 receiver-transmitter (RT-1808A), NSN 5821-01-500-4770 (PN 902219-804), needs your help because one (1) out of two (2) receiver-transmitters turned in is reported as no evidence of failure (NEOF). That means your unit spends $35,000 to replace a perfectly good radio half the time. Ouch! That’s an unnecessary and big hit to your unit’s budget just for failing to make sure the part is unserviceable before turning it in.
Arc 231 receiver-transmitter
Make sure part is unserviceable before turning in​
What’s the key to stop this from happening? First, make absolutely sure the receiver-transmitter is inoperable and the precise reason why. If it is, it’s important you fill out the green tag, DD Form 1577-2, Unserviceable (Reparable) Tag-Materiel, with the correct information! Be specific on what the reason is for turning in the component. Don’t use vague terms such as “INOP” as the reason or repairable condition. Also, when filling out the green tag, identify your unit information along with the aircraft type and full tail number.

Using the example DD Form 1577-2 green tag below will help you correctly fill out the form.
Green Tag Instructions
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If you don’t have any condition code tags on hand, check out this link on PS Magazine’s website to see how to order the green, yellow, blue and red condition code tags: