NEWS | Jan. 23, 2020

Black Hawk/Apache: Check Retention Pins

Mechanic performing maintenance checks
Photo by Mark Olsen
Mechanics, there are nonconforming pins for the actuating rings of the inlet guide vane (IGV) in the field.  These are or need to be replaced by the Aviation Support Battalion (ASB).

Has your ASB ordered stage 1 and 2 actuating ring retention pins, NSN 5315-01-099-8047, PN 3031T30G01? They’re shown as Items 19 and 43 of WP 0484 in TM 1-2940-248-23&P.  If those pins arrive and the color is black, be advised: they're not the right retention pins. The correct pins are stainless steel.  Make sure you get the correct-colored pin!

Black Hawk Retention Pins
Retention pins should be stainless steel NOT black

DLA is working to correct the problem. In the meantime, all ASB’s should check their stock and make sure the pins they’ve ordered are stainless steel, not black. If you get noncompliant pins, submit a Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR).