NEWS | Jan. 22, 2020

AGSE: New Tool Kit Available for Aircraft Armament Repairers

Aircraft armament mechanics,

Having the right tool is essential for good PM. MWO 1-1500-50-5 makes that possible by modernizing the three-box legacy Individual Aircraft Armament Repairmen Tool Set (IAARTS) and converting it into a new, one-box Aircraft Armament Repairer Tool Kit (AARTK), NSN 5180-01-667-9530.

The AARTK is part of the Common Aviation Tool System and replaces IAARTS NSNs 5180-01-578-3697, 5180-01-433-4469 and 5180-01-516-0223. The AARTK is for Soldiers in MOS 15Y, AH-64 Armament, Electrical and Avionic Systems Repairers. This enhanced modernized tool system is designed to maintain attack helicopter armament subsystems.

The tool kit itself measures 24x18x15 inches. It weighs in at a hefty 98 pounds and is a three-person lift. It comes with a telescoping handle and includes foam cutouts for the tools.
Aircraft Armament Repairer Tool Kit (AARTK)
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The AARTK affects:
• TM 1-1520-LONGBOW/APACHE in IETM EM 0126 (Jan 18)
• TM 1-1500-204-23-4 (Jul 92)
• TM 1-1500-323-24-1 (Apr 14)
• TM 9-1425-475-23&P (Jan 98)

Don’t forget: the tool kit is a three-person lift. 

The kit adds these tools for increased capability.
New tools in the AARTK

Questions? Contact Monique Harper at DSN 897-1553, (256) 313-1553.  

Your IAARTS will be modified by MWO 1-1500-50-5. so be on the lookout for MWO teams coming to set up your new AARTK!