NEWS | Jan. 15, 2020

Stryker: Route Your Way to Good DVE Cable PM

Heeding this article and spending $3 could save your unit as much as $4,400
Your Stryker’s driver’s vision enhancer (DVE) helps you see your way through tough driving conditions. But if you don’t take care of the cable for the DVE, your Stryker becomes NMC!
A new DVE cable, NSN 6150-01-566-9322, will set your unit back $960. So taking care of these cables is good for your unit’s combat readiness and saves some bucks.
Sometimes, crews remove the camera from the DVE cable when their Stryker is parked. That leaves the cable’s end connector exposed to dirt, dust and moisture. Also, someone could step on and damage the end connector.
Keep the camera attached to the cable and use a cover, NSN 5895-01-481-2510, to protect the camera from the elements. The cover costs $389, compared to about $3,400 to replace the camera.
Use cable ties to hold the DVE cable inside the channel guide running from the DVE camera and the screen. The channel guide also runs between the engine access and driver’s hatches and then below the driver’s hatch. Broken or missing ties let the cable escape from the channel guide. Then the cable’s in danger of being cut, chafed or crushed by the engine deck or driver’s hatches.
There should be a total of 12 ties, each spaced about four (4) inches apart. Replace any that are broken or missing with NSN 5975-00-899-4606. That NSN brings 100 new cable ties for around $3. Not bad!
Mechanics, use electrostatic gloves when removing the DVE camera and cable for maintenance, just like it says in the TM.  Also, the camera should remain attached to the cable during maintenance. If the camera does need to be removed from the cable, don’t forget to use the two set screws, NSN 5305-00-959-0379, when reattaching the camera to the cable.